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Causes and Effects of Electrolysis
Electrolysis is a fast-acting menace that attacks not only radiators and heaters, and can destroy an entire engine in a mere 20,000 miles.
Though a small amount of measurable voltage can be detected in most cooling systems, from reactions between the coolant and cooling system metals, the voltage should never exceed a tenth of a volt in vehicles equipped with aluminum engine blocks and/or cylinder heads.
Cast iron engines and cooling system components can tolerate higher stray voltages, perhaps as much as three-tenths of a volt. But that doesn't mean three-tenths of a volt is acceptable. It's not.
In cases of electrolysis, a defective or missing ground on an electrical device causes the electricity to seek the path of least resistance whenever the component is energized. Sometimes the path of least resistance is a radiator or heater hose, or the radiator or heater core. As the current draw of the poorly grounded accessory increases, so does the destructiveness of electrolysis.
A poorly grounded engine and starter motor can zap enough current through the cooling system to blast apart a heater or radiator in a matter of weeks or even days, depending on how often the vehicle is started.
A partially grounded electric cooling fan, on the other hand, may only shoot a small percentage of its supply voltage through a cooling system, and the effect may take months to reveal itself.
Evidence of electrolysis includes unexplained and/or the recurring pinhole leaks in a radiator or heater.
Pinholes may form anywhere along the tubes or tank walls, but damage is often concentrated at tube-to-header joints,
or in the tube walls near the center of the core, where the electric cooling fan mounts come in contact with the core

The Cure
Electrolysis Arrestor--- a "cost effective" Inter-Ject product that will treat a coolant system for 50,000 miles, or 24 months.
17 ounces of Electrolysis Arrestor is enough to treat a coolant system of up to 4 gallons.


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